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How to apply?

For the comfort and peace of mind of all, there are certain key criteria to meet to rent an apartment with us. Please make sure you follow the process:

  1. Review the list of criteria excerpt. If you can answer YES to each line item, you are in good shape to apply, then
  2. Fill out the Lease Application Form below: open the PDF file, fill out the form, and email it:


  3. Pay your application fee (one per above-18 year-old adult occupant or co-applicant). We accept PayPal, Venmo and checks.

Criteria List:

  1. If I am planning to share occupancy with another adult (18 or older), is this person committed to co-signing the lease?
  2. Am I, or the adult I plan to share the apartment with, willing to pay the monthly recurring rent by ACH Debit Payment ?(ACH is free and easy to implement)
  3. Am I willing to commit to stay one year at least at this address?
  4. Do I feel confident that my financial situation is strong enough to rent this apartment; can I prove income sources (paystubs or bank statements)? Or for students, are my parents willing to be co-signors of the lease (in which case they must apply as well)?
  5. Is it fine that this property is non-smoking and pets may not be permitted?
  6. Am I allowing my future Landlord to run a non-refundable credit check and background check on me, at my expense (one application fee per adult occupant and/or co-applicant...no exceptions)?

Please note that we DO NOT accept Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers.

Lease Application

Co-signor Lease Application

Is in-unit or on-site laundry available?

We provide on-site laundry, and here is why:

In-unit laundry provides in the moment convenience; this short-term convenience is offset by the following aspects that are important to weight when selecting an apartment:

In-unit laundry has multiple hidden costs for tenants:
  1. Its in-unit practicality results in more frequent loads, many of which are not full loads;
  2. In-unit washers are on average two times smaller in capacity than commercial machines, which means tenants have to run loads more frequently;
  3. Drying takes longer because the dryers are less efficient than commercial dryers;
  4. Rent does not include electric and water, hence tenants pay high electric and water bills (e.g tenants pay fixed and variable charges to Greater Cincinnati Water Works and Duke Energy, or an HOA charge to Property Management);
  5. Maintenance of the machines, when necessary, can be very costly (whether direct or indirect).
Additionally, in-unit laundry causes the following non-financial burdens:
  1. It generates noise and vibrations within the apartment and tenants may be impacted by their neighbors' laundry habits depending on the setting;
  2. It takes away closet space or square footage in the apartment.
On-site, clean, shared laundry is a more enjoyable alternative to cost-conscious tenants. Interestingly enough, the cost of water, electric, gas, and maintenance born by the landlord, is in most cases not even covered by the modest fees collected on each load. Considering line /rack laundry drying as a free environment friendly alternative is also worth some thoughts.


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